Lisa Cox (Lifetime Access)

Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes from hearing how other people have overcome and moved beyond unimaginable life events. This is one such story. Lisa Cox suffered a brain haemorrhage at just 24 years old and today shares her story of recovery through to using her experiences to help women reshape their ideas of body image, of not being afraid of change and trying new things, and doing life their way. With a media background and now as a writer and author, Lisa is a powerful advocate for diversity and acceptance. Lisa shares how she continues to navigate the challenges her experience brings every single day. She is a true inspiration for self care, listening to the wisdom of our bodies and simply listening to and taking care of our own needs. This is a rich conversation with a woman who shines brightly, sharing her gifts with the world while still navigating the challenges of her physical injuries and her mental health.

“I firmly believe that we all have challenges but we also have choices. My challenges might look different to yours but often the principles are similar.”

Lisa Cox

Lisa would like to use this platform to shine the spotlight on the incredible work done by Share The Dignity which supports vulnerable women with the most basic of sanitary products that we can possibly take for granted each month. It’s her hope that listeners will learn about the organisation and their amazing work.

NB. The views shared by the Becoming Me Again speakers may not reflect the opinions and experience of Reclaim Her or its team


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