Mellissa Seaman (Lifetime Access)

Our interview today explores aligning our soul purpose with how we live and prosper in the world. Mellissa Seaman was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities suddenly burst forth in year 2000. Now she is a powerful coach who bridges the worlds of business strategy with intuitive intelligence and supports women to step into and stay in their flow, to create lives aligned with their hearts and lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling. Mellissa shares her story of what worked and didn’t work on her path of rapid spiritual awakening and creating a stable income as a soul aligned, single Mum.

“I finally accepted both worlds for myself. I accepted fully my spirit calling and I accepted fully my fierce mama bear, provider, protector, business woman, kick ass lets get stuff done person. So it’s this worldly responsibility, action and service AND my deeper purpose, my calling, my connection with Spirit…and they both just balanced ”

Mellissa Seaman

Mellissa’s free gift is “The Soul Gift Quiz” Discover your deepest gift with this fun 2-minute quiz. Are you a Creator, Messenger, Transmitter, Researcher or Explorer? Most of us are educated, trained, and encouraged to be something we are NOT! When you identify and align with your Soul Gift, everything gets easier – relationships, vitality, and money.

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