The “Reclaim Her” Journey… Where do I Start

So where do we begin as women on this journey to “Reclaim Her”, reclaiming that magical inner part of us that we have numbed down, cast aside or flat out ignored. The very first step is to understand that we are so much more than this numbed out, half expressed version of ourselves…you feel it right? That you are so much much more than what you are currently doing, how you are living and how you are showing up in your life?? Is this not the source of so much pain….daily discomfort and an inner knowing that you have more to give and BE?

So let me pause here and say this is not to create a burden or pressure of not being good enough, perfect enough or measuring up. Rather it is to lift your eyes and see the pure potential and opportunities that come when you acknowledge the fullness of your divine nature and reconnect to your greatness. From this point of awareness you can start to say YES to the journey to “Reclaim Her”.

Once you courageously say YES. A couple of things will happen. All the areas that aren’t working will become very obvious, you will notice them more and the tension around them will increase. This can feel scary if you don’t know it’s part of the process. It’s actually an important part of the process.

 Step 2 is to define this tension, discomfort and amplified awareness as the very thing that will lead you to change and grow.  As humans we find change uncomfortable and rarely are we willing to change without first acknowledging the pain our current choices are creating for us. So step into that and really allow yourself to see the pain your current choices are creating for you. You can do this from an empowered place knowing you are willing and ready to change. You are not a victim. You are the Creator of your life.

Then step 3 comes in. Open to, decide and choose what you really want. Not from a place of what you don’t want but rather from that raw, beautiful, intuitive and emotive longing that lives within. Choose the things you truly want to say YES to right now….That are true for you.

Let’s pause again here and acknowledge that these things may not fit with society, your current job or circumstances or even your current relationships. To truly Reclaim Her you must be willing to step into the vulnerability of not knowing how all of this will work out and go for what you truly want. Hold it with fierce determination and take action however great or small every day. Release the hold your current circumstances have, pour your energy into what you truly want to create and the creative forces will then begin to change toward what you truly want.

Step 4 is self care. This journey can be rough. It challenges our long held limiting beliefs and it causes us to step into the unknown mystery of what’s possible. That can be hard. So self care is paramount. If you feel wild, take time out and ask yourself what’s at the base. Usually it’s wanting this so much and not knowing how it’s going to happen. If you are angry, could it be you need to rest and reconnect to your truth? If you are in battle, what are you really fighting for…what you love or your limits? If you are emotional, is this just a distraction to lead your attention away from what you really want? And finally if there is drama, where are you putting your energy. Do you indulge the drama, yours and others? Or do you bundle that up as representing the old, and instead choose to go directly for the new, for what’s true? Drama is a magnificent distractor, de-valuer and a perfect way to catch you off guard. Before you know it you have slid back down the slippery slope of self denial.

You are worth more than all these distractions. Your truth, your genius, your unique gifts are so valuable. It takes courage to say YES to them and even more courage to stay focussed amidst the chaos and keep taking action with thought, word and deed toward your highest truth. This is “Reclaim Her”…Saying YES and standing for your magic, intuition, beautiful, unique and incredible self and not putting up with your own BS a moment longer. You are worth it!!!

So pull out your journal. Look at what you have created to this point. How has it served you (especially your limiting beliefs)? Are you willing to let this go? What do you really want to go for now? Write and write and write until you have clarity on where you are now and where you want to go and you may even notice patterns on how you trip yourself up along the way…is it drama, getting emotional, pushing others away, anger etc etc. The more you know yourself….the good, the bad and the ugly…the stronger you will be on your Reclaim Her journey

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