Who’s with me?

There’s more to me than the world gets to see…more of me I haven’t been expressing, haven’t been living.
There are things I love and want more of that I’ve allowed to remain dormant. I’ve let go of so much of who I’ve known myself to be.
But now there’s a rumbling inside me – a quiet discontent that speaks of wanting more and its voice is getting louder.
Do you feel like that too?
There comes a time when you have to choose – you have to decide that enough’s enough – no more excuses, no more avoidance, just choosing that you want your life to be different. Choosing that you want more for you. 
Are you ready to make that choice?
Because with that choice, with honouring yourself more, comes inevitable change. And change impacts others around you…and that can be scary. But here’s the thing, when we choose to show up as our authentic selves and share more of our unique gifts and passions, when we choose to become more whole, the light we shine becomes brighter and that light not only energises and lifts us up, but radiates and lifts those around us as well. That heart connected energy has a life of its own and brings so much more to our world.
So I say YES to reclaiming the parts of myself that I know and love. I say YES to reclaiming my power and to the things (however big or small) that when I do them, express them, live them, they make me feel more alive, happier and simply, more me. I say YES, to shining more brightly.
The time of ‘enough’ is now! Are you with me!?!

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