Are you important enough to give yourself love? ABSOLUTELY - This is a personal image. Co-founder of Reclaim her is sitting on the floor with a group of women. Her hand is on her heart with closed eyes to indicate a meditative, connective space. Indicating how important we are, how important moments of self connection are. This image is both decorative & functional - it emanates peace and self honour.

Are you important enough to give yourself love? ABSOLUTELY

Are you important enough to give yourself love? Absolutely. 

Are you allowed to love yourself? Absolutely. More than you know. It’s perfectly ok to love and care for yourself! And it’s time to give yourself permission to do so! 

“WHY are we not taught more of that?” is a question many of us ponder when we embark on the self recognition/love journey. 

It’s because the importance of “self” wasn’t recognised in society. A woman who sees her value, who loves and cares about herself is a force to be reckoned with and this is often seen as dangerous to a fragile ego-centred society. 

Gorgeous woman, it’s really ok to love yourself. Not just the kind of “I love me because I’m beautiful” but the WHOLE woman you are. 

~ It’s ok to accept, cherish and celebrate your unique quirks that make you YOU.

~ It’s ok to be different. 

~ It’s ok not to fit the stereotype mold of what you think you should be. 

~ It’s ok to just be totally in love with you and what matters to you.

We will never shift to a society that values self expression, heart-centred living and compassion if we don’t come to accept, love, trust, and celebrate ourselves first. 

We can’t force, deny, challenge, or fight our way to a heart-centred, loving world. We can only love ourselves toward it.

So, I leave you with two reflective questions to guide you on your journey of loving and caring for yourself first and foremost. 

  1. Have your days been filled lately, with a million things for others? 
  2. Have your days been filled lately, with anything you actually care about and want more of in your life? 

How about you look at today and the week forward with intent do a little rearranging so you are more of a priority?

Filling your days with what you love, care about and deeply value is your birthright. 

Not everything needs to be of value to others for you to do it. Your life is valuable too and deserves just as much attention…in fact it deserves more…It’s your beautiful life you are living and creating in each moment. 

Remember “Are you important enough to give yourself love?” ABSOLUTELY.

Love Kareena

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