I am Worthy

Some of my darkest times were in the early days/years of motherhood. I lost myself. I loved my 4 kids, loved being a Mum but the conflict between being present with the chaos, demands and even mundane nature of my day to day, and the pull I felt that there was so much more to …

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You are Enough

Sometimes I struggle to know I am enough. What even is enough? And how do I know I am it? It is an exhausting process always trying to measure up to some unknown and indefinable measuring stick that lives somewhere outside myself. Then it occurred to me. What if there is no measuring stick and …

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Fostering Self Worth

One thing I battle with and I see most women battle with is their sense of self worth. This battle between the deep seated and often silent knowing of our own power and magnificence and the feeling we can’t be this and that we must hide or suppress it for our own and others safety. …

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A Powerful Lesson

There is something I have been learning over the past month that feels so valuable I can’t help but share it. I have been revisiting a powerful training I did in 2009 and now again a decade later. It’s powerful because the training is on creating your hearts truth and that is entirely what I …

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A Woman’s Magic

A woman’s magic is in her intuition, her ability to see and act on her inner truth and her ability to consciously create what’s true to her heart.

Dare to Live from Your Heart

When a woman’s life force shines, she is light hearted, joyful, naturally generous, empowered, playful and nurturing. She cares for her wellbeing and is in flow with her divine path. She is awakened to her intuition and bravely uses it. She naturally lives her higher truth and supports those around her to do the same.

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